The 2010 London Marathon has come and gone, but not without the usual excitement that comes with such an arduous but unifying event.

Approximately 37,000 people participated in the 2010 race which covered a 26-mile course starting from Blackheath in the Southeast and finishing at St. James’s Park in the West End.

Motorsports champ, Clint De Tarnowsky who took part in the marathon says it was a brilliant event. The 35 year old father of two thought to run for pleasure having previously experienced the Edinburgh Marathon.

Clint who currently resides in Meath Green, Horley says nothing compared to the support that runners got from the crowd. Thanks to his personalised vest he got extra attention as the crowd cheered him on, ‘Go Clint’.

He says a good number of runners were dressed up in costumes- from Batman and Hulk Hogan to Giraffes and Tigers. He also had the opportunity of walking right past Virgin Boss, Richard Branson and other celebs; most of whom were running for charity.

More than any other event, the London Marathon has helped charities in the UK raise huge amounts of money. In its 30 years of existence the race has raised an estimated £500 million for various worthy causes,  with most of the funds coming through in recent years.

Although Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia was the first to cross the finish line at the 2010 Marathon, so many other people consider themselves winners; and that includes Clint who finished in a time of 3hours 37minutes.

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