Bus service changes- Commuters call for more information

Picture by Andrew H.AThe first phase of changes to Surrey bus services took effect on Saturday the 28th of August 2010. This is part of the Surrey County Council’s plans to cut its transport subsidy costs.

While some areas have seen increased services others have had some services reduced or completely withdrawn.

Although many people have welcomed the changes, several commuters have complained of little or no information. In Redhill for example, several residents at Park 25, a new development in the area say they are unaware that a bus now operates in the area and have no idea where to take the bus.

Drivers of Bus 100 which serves the area also say that they are indirectly disobeying traffic rules. Buses park at the moment on unmarked spots as bus stops are yet to be provided. An official with Metrobus, one of the transport providers in Surrey however says that leaflets have been handed out in public places, informing people of the new changes.

Richard Jackman of Barrat Homes, developers of Park 25 has suggested that the council contact resident associations of areas that are facing changes for speedy and cost effective publicity.

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  1. Story by Derin and picture by Andrew H.A

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