A couple in Charlwood, Surrey are hoping to raise awareness about human trafficking at an evening event commemorating the 2010 bonfire night. With the help of friends and family, Steven and Sarah Fidler are planning lakeside fireworks, a bonfire and an undercover concert at the Honeycrock Farm in Salfords in order to inform the public about human trafficking.

Steven, a 30 year old ground worker says that he is alarmed at how much is going on and how little people know. After watching a documentary on the illegal trade of human beings, he felt motivated to spread the message around. He says that he is particularly concerned that children are often the victims of slave trade.

News research show that thousands of children who pick and harvest cocoa beans have been trafficked, and, few people seem to know that the chocolate products that they buy ought to have some form of certification, as proof that the producers engaged in fair trade. Also, statistics from the Poppy Project which is funded by the UK government show that Croydon, which is historically a part of Surrey is one of the biggest ports for human trafficking in the UK with young women and children who have been illegally traded discovered on a frequent basis in the area.

The Fidlers are hoping that the upcoming event tagged ‘Festival of Freedom’ and scheduled to hold on Saturday the 13th of November from 7pm till midnight will sensitize the public about human slavery in the UK and abroad. Bands that are expected to feature include ‘Dizzy Tales’, ‘Kaleo’, ‘Ola’ and ‘Annajo. All proceeds from the event will go to ‘Stop the Traffick’ a a global coalition working together to help stop the sale of people.

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