FA Cup 5th Round- 9,000 Crawley Fans at Old Trafford

The air was different at Old Trafford last Saturday (19th of February). You could feel the spirit of comradeship and the excitement of thousands of football lovers for some 94 minutes and 11 seconds of play.

However, despite their 1-nil victory, Manchester United were far from being the attention drawers. From the start of the game until the final whistle was blown, the 9,000 fans of the visiting Blue Square Premier side, Crawley cheered their team on and gave Alex Ferguson’s side some testing moments of play; particularly in the second half when both Matthew Tubbs and Richard Brodie had chances to secure a most desired replay.

Crawley boss, Steve Evans who had earlier predicted a 1-0 win for his side said it was a surreal moment, adding that they had gone to ‘the biggest club in the world’.

And if you do feel like giving that a thought, consider the fact that both clubs who happen to share the nickname ‘red devils’ are poles apart in terms of ratings. While Wayne Rooney could earn up to £250,000 a week, a fellow striker at Crawley FC would be content with £1,000.

The opportunity to prove their mettle at Old Trafford has therefore placed Crawley, the first non-league club to reach the 5th round of the FA Cup in 17 years on new scales. A recent visit to the Broadfield stadium in Crawley showed club faithfuls queuing up for regular tickets when in the past, according to a fan, you could just stroll down to watch a match.

John Harris of Crawley town and Martin Thompson of Ifield youth football club, were amongst the thousands of people that made the long journey north in support of Crawley Town FC.

Watch post-match interviews here- http://derinspace.blogspot.com/2011/02/crawley-town-fc-versus-man-u.html?showComment=1298824226537

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