Croydon Mudslide raises questions.

Ideally, the first day of a month would often mean great things to look forward to . However, for travellers commuting to or from Croydon on August 1, it was perhaps the opposite.

The transport situation in the area turned chaotic  after a burst water pipe caused a mudslide on tracks near East Croydon station.

All train lines were blocked between East Croydon and South Croydon causing southbound services to be suspended for hours.

In sweltering conditions huge crowds queued up for replacement buses as well as regular buses which were struggling to cope with the rising number of passengers.

Although transport officials were kind enough to offer drinking water to people, the whole situation seemed rather overwhelming and beyond control. It reminded one of the chaos in October 2010 when the early snow disrupted businesses and school sessions in Surrey. Insufficient grit and shortage of personnel where some of the explanations given at the time.

In this case of the mudslide, it is quite understanding that the situation was unexpected. And yes, efforts were made to restore some train services later that day but were these efforts good enough? Can South East England actually boast of an effective rapid response system?

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