Salfords Custody Suite: Police Liason Meeting Begins

The Surrey Police and the Salfords & Sidlow Parish Council have held a liason meeting following the approval of the police’s plan to build a new custody centre in Salfords.

The meeting held on the 24th of August is the first in the series of meetings where the police intend to provide updates on the development of the approved custody suite and where the S & SPC can also raise concerns of residents.

Planning Inspectors had last month overruled a Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s decision to refuse a 30-cell suite on the I.O industrial estate on Salbrook road off the A23 after the application was revised and an appeal lodged by the police.

With permission now granted, the custody centre which will now have 24 cells as against 30 will include interview rooms and will serve all East Surrey, replacing the 12 cell at Reigate Police Station.

Last year’s original application by the police sparked outrage in the village with hundreds of residents expressing fears about crime increase and petitioning against the plan.

The police say they have listened to the local people and will make necessary efforts to work together with them.

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