The Veteran Car Run: 115 years, and still counting

Lovers of the century old tradition once again braced the weather for the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

As the longest running motoring event in the world, the near-60 mile run from Hyde Park to the Madeira Drive in Brighton has continued to attract famous racing drivers and celebrities. And although the only cars allowed to participate in this event are those built before 1905, the turn out of participants has continued to impress organizers. Close to 550 entries were submitted ahead of the 2011 event.

The first run took place on 14 November 1896, in celebration of the Locomotives on Highways Act (1986) which had replaced previous Acts and increased the speed limit of locomotives to 14 mph. Motorists set off from 7am and attempt to arrive at their destination by 4.30pm.

Because of the 20 mph limit now set for all entries, the event which currently takes place on the first Sunday in November sometimes takes its toll on traffic; particularly in some built up areas along its route. Never the less, it is often a joy to watch participants dressed up in late Victorian styles and tackling hills in their vintage cars.

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One Response to The Veteran Car Run: 115 years, and still counting

  1. Jules Sadler-Lambert says:

    This car run always makes me smile. It reminds me of how much slower things used to be and people seemed to have more time to be and to consider God.

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